Our Success Stories


Christine Cabrera

“Veronica has inspired me to reach beyond the glass ceiling and eliminate any preconceived limitations cultivating brave leaders and a culture of courage."


Joel Marrero

"Picture yourself feeling lost without a sense of direction, then suddenly having someone show you the light that paves the way for direction, inspiration, and achievements which inevitably surrounds your entire being in the best of ways!! That’s Veronica, her light has inspired me to pave the way for others as she did for me! #BeTheLight"

Suzanne Muchow.jpg

Suzanne Muschow

"Veronica is truly the most inspiring person I have ever known. Real estate has been in my family since I was born. I've always taken an interest in it, but it wasn't until I spent years quietly following Veronica's amazing career on social media that I decided to dive in. She is the only person I wanted to work along side with. Watching her grow into this strong, successful, one of a kind, top notch Broker has been just what I needed to finally make the decision to change careers. I owe my success to her and the encouragement of the The Figueroa Team that I am a part of and very proud to be on. 


Maggie  Alvarez

"Veronica inspires me to be intentional, not only with my work ethic but also with my day to day life. She has this incredible energy that just lifts my spirit."

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Maritza Saint-Hilaire

"Veronica’s passion and vision for the business inspired me to return to real estate after a 10 year hiatus. Her constant mentoring and encouragement is key in her agents’ success! Veronica’s unshakeable focus pushes us beyond our comfort zones to stretch and mold us into better agents"


Christina Dalton

"Veronica has inspired me both personally and professionally, I’am forever grat ful for what she has done for myself and my daughter. She gave me opportunity and believed in me when no one else did, and today I’am not only a Top Producer but my mindset and goals in life has changed because of her continued mentor ship to help me grow in this Industry!"


Deena Carvajal

"When I started working with Veronica in 2011, she was with a boutique firm in Orlando called Avalon Town Center Realty.  Although Veronica didn't know it, I came through her doors a little bit bruised...very broken.  My husband and I had been going through a lot with the recession.  We lost investment properties and had our primary home foreclosed on.  Our savings were depleted and 401k's just about at zero.  Then I called Veronica and ask about joining her office since her office was in my own backyard.  She said, "Let's meet".  So we did.  And although, I didn't share with Veronica all that had happened, it was liked she saw right through me.  Fast forward 5 years and I have my own team of real estate professionals under Veronica's guidance; I now value education and I honor relationships; I devour knowledge and I pay it forward every chance I get. I will tell anyone one who cares to listen that I owe a debt I can never pay back entirely to Veronica.

Not just Veronica but her husband Tony too and their staff that as a seamless extension of Veronica. They have helped me grow personally and have helped my business soar.  I have never had a mentor like Veronica.  I have never been in business with someone who cares about the whole person, not just the money we are or are not making...not like Veronica does. 

I'm certainly stronger than I was before 5 years ago, my business has increase 83% over last year alone! I credit an office of people from the front desk on up who work like a well-oiled machine to keep us moving on and up. I credit the vision, the implementation, the determination, the tweaks and turns to make us better and success of our office to Veronica.  She will never know how vital she has been to my personal and professional growth and I can only hope to one-day give back to her just a fraction of what's she's given to me.