what is your motivational language?

How do you motivate a growing team in today's real estate industry? Don’t dwell on sorrows or issues. It’s just another hurdle; something we have to resolve. This is how I stay motivated, and I can’t change that. So to motivate my team, I need to seek out people who that resonates with.


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Team Member Testimonals


Gina Glidewell (Figueroa Team Member & RE/MAX Innovation Agent)

"Tony and Veronica inspire me to be a better person and a better agent. They know we all make mistakes but they are always there to make us see the positive aspect of things. It is great being on a team where everyone is always is willing to help another agent with questions, showings, inspections, pretty much anything.  I will be honest, I never saw myself on a team because I thought I could do it myself.  They have been there to keep me accountable to them, and myself.  I am honored to be a part of this team."


Timothy Callinan (Figueroa Team Member & RE/MAX Innovation Agent)

"Veronica and Tony are the total package. They motivate us to keep working harder regardless of setbacks and are always offering new ideas on how to make our business better. They give back to the community because they want to, not because it might get them more business. They are always doing something for the community and the team."


Deena Carvajal (Carvajal Group Member & RE/MAX Innovation Agent)

"When I started working with Veronica in 2011, she was with a boutique firm in Orlando called Avalon Town Center Realty.  Although Veronica didn't know it, I came through her doors a little bit bruised...very broken.  My husband and I had been going through a lot with the recession.  We lost investment properties and had our primary home foreclosed on.  Our savings were depleted and 401k's just about at zero.  We were going through bankruptcy and didn't know how much worse things could get.  I had really thought about giving up on real estate altogether like so many other people did.  Then I called Veronica and ask about joining her office since her office was in my own backyard.  She said, "Let's meet".  So we did.  And although, I didn't share with Veronica all that had happened, it was liked she saw right through me and knew I needed a home.  Fast forward 5 years and I have my own team of real estate professionals under Veronica's guidance; I now value education and I honor relationships; I devour knowledge and I pay it forward every chance I get. I will tell anyone one who cares to listen that I owe a debt I can never pay back entirely to Veronica.

Not just Veronica but her husband Tony too and their staff that as a seamless extension of Veronica. They have helped me grow personally and have helped my business soar.  I know I can come to Veronica with not just business issues but with whatever is going on.  She makes time for me and says, let's fix this!  I have never had a mentor like Veronica.  I have never been in business with someone who cares about the whole person, not just the money we are or are not making...not like Veronica does.  I walk through the doors of our office and you can feel Veronica's presence, even when she's not there.  You feel the energy, you acknowledge you are among the best, because Veronica and Tony have made it so.  And we all know we must rise to the challenge Veronica puts in front of us:  Forget all our own bullshit excuses, know that there's enough for everyone but we have to live, feel, breathe success and we must be better than we were yesterday. 

Let the mistakes happen, but quickly get over them. Do not make excuses, but be part of the solution. These are lessons you can't teach someone. They have to live through it and I have lived through all of these lessons with Veronica and then some. I'm certainly stronger than I was before 5 years ago, my business has increase 83% over last year alone! I credit an office of people from the front desk on up who work like a well-oiled machine to keep us moving on and up. I credit the vision, the implementation, the determination, the tweaks and turns to make us better and success of our office to Veronica.  She will never know how vital she has been to my personal and professional growth and I can only hope to one-day give back to her just a fraction of what's she's given to me."