Spark Event 2018

"Today I was able to share my journey over the last few years but most importantly how the last six months shook my core. Forget DISRUPTION in tech! How about DISRUPTION in life while I was on a journey to try new things. Disruption came in many ways. How I dealt with personal issues, life after weight-loss, lost relationships, failed relationships, failed business ventures, lost friendships all while my career was on a career high. The truth was NOT easy but it made me STRONGER 💪🏿. 

I am in such a great space that I am strong enough to talk about the journey and how it helped me grow into who I am today. 

On paper everything look great but internally the pain was deep. I am so grateful for my FAMILY, MENTOR’s, my TRUE friends and TEAM for supporting me thru this journey. No award or accolade will ever mean more than the people who have been by my side during my most recent journey. 

Today was about being UNBOXED. Thank you Jeff Lobb, Spark Media and WFG for inviting me to speak to such an amazing group of strong professionals that GRIND. 

Thank you to my team for coming out to support and for helping me level up! You inspire me every single day! Thank you allowing me to be vulnerable and being a part of my story. 

Thank you to my daughter Talisa Segura and the team behind the scenes who helped me bring this story forward. Talisa you are more than my daughter. You are my best friend! I ❤️ you! 

Sharing my failures this deep was much more important to me than talking about how GREAT I looked on paper. Accepting your truth will FREE you to move on to BIGGER DREAM’S and to MOTIVATE others to face your FEAR’S. Using your story to INSPIRE others is a gift!"



Veronica Coaching