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Hi, I'm Veronica!

Queendom Alliance is my passion project, I knew I wanted to pour value and create a space of empowerment but my heart was clear that it was NOT just about Real Estate.  So If you are here, it is NO coincidence. Are you looking to align yourself with more amazing and uplifting women in this new decade? We hope to bring an intentional group together for fun events, breakthroughs and powerful connections. Things that are extremely important to me are mental health, relationships, health journey, business, inclusiveness, vulnerability, coaching and so much more!

A woman alone has power, but together we have IMPACT. 👑 

Be talkative, share your joy, tell your story. Be aware that our lives are not just about own choices and paths, we influence the world around us and the people around us in very real and profound ways. We play major roles in other people's journeys, which means that how we carry our energy around the world matters. 

I am excited to launch this community journey with some pretty amazing people who inspire me daily. 💡 




Mindfulness +  Openness  + Stillness + Gratitude + Interconnectedness + Wonder are many of the things we instill in Queendom Alliance.






Queendom Alliance is a community of belonging. You decide how much involvement you want out of this amazing community of Queens. The inspiration and disciplines provided in this community are available to you for when you are ready to commit. We respect everyone’s beliefs and encourage you to keep an open mind to learning from all of our Queens. Our community is inclusive of women from all walks of life, relationships, shapes, spirituality, success, and culture. Our desire for each Queen is to give you directional wisdom to build a life by design in health, love, success and find pure joy while living in your most authentic truth

Together we will help you build your Queendom, your Empire and accomplish your Dreams.

Join Us 



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